The Omnifarious Plot

om·ni·far·i·ous /ˌämnəˈfe(ə)rēəs/ Adjective Comprising or relating to all sorts or varieties.

Old box spring becomes this year’s Pea-Tee-Pee.

Every year I tell myself I’m going to get out there early and build myself a good solid pea trellis before all the spring growth gets ahead of me, and every year I end up half-assing some bamboo-n-tree branch trellising that gets taken down by the weight of the peas half way through July. So here is this year’s (extraordinarily easy) answer to my previous years’ lack of proper Pea-Tee-Pee construction – Ye Olde Box Spring.


I just ripped off all the fabric and the cardboard panel underneath, propped it up with a couple of re-purposed bed rails, and stapled some old netting across for vine support. I plan on planting the peas on the outside (on both sides) and some shade-loving lettuce underneath!

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