The Omnifarious Plot

om·ni·far·i·ous /ˌämnəˈfe(ə)rēəs/ Adjective Comprising or relating to all sorts or varieties.

Eggs are back… with a couple changes.

This weekend marks the beginning of the new season for Omni Egg Share. The fall/winter molt and slow-down has come to an end, and we have eggs coming in like nobodies business! As of right now, we have four organic, free-range family farms from Vallejo providing our customers with eggie jewels.

This year we have decided to drop the subscription service. Due to the drought, the current prices on high quality organic feed are going up and up at a steady rate. Since our farms are small family farms, we don’t usually get bulk order rates, and we certainly don’t get the subsidization that large farms receive.

This year our eggs will be $8 a dozen, a dollar up from last year’s non-subscription price. To some people this may seem high, but rich, nutritious eggs come from happy hens that are given hiqh quality feed, and that’s not cheap.


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