The Omnifarious Plot

om·ni·far·i·ous /ˌämnəˈfe(ə)rēəs/ Adjective Comprising or relating to all sorts or varieties.

Omni Egg Share

Are you looking for a fresh, local, sustainable source of eggs in the Benicia/Vallejo area? Well then we have the eggs for you!

Twice daily we collect our beautiful multi-colored jewels of eggie goodness from our flock of heritage hens.  Our cage-free girls are fed organic feed and a variety of food scraps, organically grown greens and veg from our garden, worms from the worm farm,  and occasionally insects they find during forage time in the grass and garden. We also grow our own freshly sprouted barley fodder, which they get fed several days a week. yum! The supplements they regularly receive are organic hen scratch, oyster shell for calcium needs, kelp meal, and black oil sunflower seeds. We are antibiotic free and practice sustainable methods.

How to buy our eggs:

Moschetti’s – We will be selling our eggs at Moschetti Coffee’s Saturday morning community coffee tasting, from 9 to noonish, for $8 a dozen.

Season Subscription – For $26 a month for 3 months, you will receive 4 dozen eggie jewels, to be picked up the first and/or third weekends of the month. Pickup at Moschetti’s on Saturdays, or pickup by arrangement. Starting in March. We will be offering a limited number of subscriptions, as we are a small urban farm.



  And the plot thickens… | The Omnifarious Plot wrote @

[…] Starting next week we will be offering farm fresh eggs for sale! Check out the details here. […]

  Luz wrote @

I am from vallejo & I happen to find you while I was searching via Local Harvest.Org I was quite thrilled to see one available locally.

Am I going to be able to come by and pick up eggs directly from your farm?

I am also curious about the set up of your chicken coop. I have been at Moschetti Coffee & maybe plan to be there this Sat, but am always interested in the actual source of the eggs, how the chickens roam, etc…

How do I go about doing that? Thank you in advance.

  Brandy wrote @

Hi Luz,

My apologies for not responding before, we are off season September through March. We are a co-op of small subsistence farmers. The eggs we sell are the excess we have after our families are fed, and that usually only happens in the very fruitful seasons of spring and summer.

I’m happy to hear you found us LocalHarvest, it’s a great resource!

To answer your questions… Yes you can come by my farm for pickup. We will have a locked cooler outside for known customers so you can drop by at your leisure. If you would like to come take a look at my farm, you can make arrangements with me via email, at You would be more than welcome to view the living environment of the hens and setup of the coop.

I hope this answers all of your questions!

Thanks for your interest.


  Patricia Walters wrote @

How do I subscribe? I am very excited to have real pastured eggs! The supermarket ones barely even qualify as eggs in my opinion!

  Brandy wrote @

Hi Patricia!
Our new season opens next week and we are making some changes. We are no longer selling by subscription, but just doing direct sales. We don’t have a schedule for venues yet but in the meantime you can contact me at, or leave a msg at 925-609-4459 and we can make arrangements. Thanks for your interest!

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